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Leo and his wife Paulette Kingston have been helping people in Oklahoma for several decades sell their houses without having to pay realtor fees or bank closing costs. Plus, they can even offer the property owner cash for their home oftentimes in 30 days or less.

The recent recession has caused residential foreclosures and this created a stir in the real estate industry. Many investors have become interested in these fore closed multifamily residential homes and they engage in the field of buying and selling.  They renovate the house ad sell them again immediately at a higher price. Some investors buy these houses but wait for some time until the economy has recovered before selling them. You can sell the property at any time but it is important to buy the houses now in order to gain advantage. Mrs. Kingston likes to point out that due to the recent recession, many investors are still struggling with their finances so if you have the resources, you would have the advantage over your competitors. Moreover, there are a large number of properties that are sold below their market value; you can buy them at a low price and sell them for a much higher price later on for a larger income.

Since there have been a large number of foreclosed properties, Paulette emphasizes that the former owners of these houses are now looking for a new place where they can live but since they do not have enough money to buy a new residential house and most of them do not qualify for another home financing, the demand for rented places is increasing. Many investors buy multifamily residential houses so they can renovate these houses, divide them into several rental spaces and have them rented to tenants.

This lessens the operating expenses of the owner so the potential income will increase.  Furthermore, this seems to be a surer deal for some investors because selling a multifamily residential house can take some time especially if the economy is just recovering from a recession. Finding a suitable buyer would be difficult and more people would be interested in renting a space than buying a house because at the time it seems to be more practical and this is what their finances can afford.

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Residential homes appreciate over time; this means that their value increases as time passes by so these properties are good vestments. Multifamily residential houses are more expensive compared to single-family homes but the income that you can get from the former is greater. Multifamily residential houses have bigger spaces that can be turned into rental spaces.

If you are considering buying residential homes, you have to be familiar with the factors that can affect the market value of your house and know how to deal with them. The first factor is the accessibility of your location. It would be advantageous for you if you are going to buy a property that is located near the main roads, malls, schools, markets, and hospitals. You should also ensure that the environment is safe to attract potential buyers or tenants.

You can call either Paulette or Leo Kingston today if you have more questions about how you can quickly and easily sell your property for cash. There is never any fee or cost for consulting with or selling your home to the Kingstons.